Shikian is the former residence of Masaoka Shiki, an innovator of Haiku and Tanka. Shiki brought his mother and younger sister from Matsuyama, his hometown, and moved in to this rented house in February 1894.
While lying on his back from illness in a small Rokujo room, Shiki strenuously devoted himself to his literally activities for modernization of literature. He ended 11 months and 34 years of his life on September 19, 1902, eight years after he moved in this house, leaving 3 pieces haiku written about Luffa as his last works.
Shiki was surrounded by his friends, acquaintances and pupils such as Takahama Kyoshi, Kawahigashi Hekigotou,Samukawa Sokotsu (haiku poets), Katori Hotsuma, Ito Sachio, Nagatsuka Takashi (tanka poets), Asai Chu, Nakamura Fusetsu (artist painters) at all times and haiku or tanka gatherings were held while discussions about literature or fine arts were made among them. Such literary persons as Natsume Soseki (one of Shiki’s friends from preparatory schoolfor Tokyo University), Mori Ogai and Yosano Tekkan also visited Shikian.
After the death of Shiki, Shikian had been preserved by Yae,his mother, and Ritsu, his sister, with helps from his pupils.
The house was burnt down by an air raid in April, 1945.However it was rebuilt in 1950 just as it was before the burnt down by valuable efforts of his pupils and supporters, and has been preserved up until now just as we can see now.


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5minutes walk from JR Uguisudani station

Shikian Hozonkai

(Shikian PreservationSociety,Ordinary Incorporated Foundation)

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